El juego de Ender (1999)

Espero que no habrá problemas por compartirlo, ya que muchos cambios se han realizado desde que en 1999 Orson Scott Card creó este guión para la adaptación de El Juego de Ender a la gran pantalla y lo colgó en su página web. Una curiosidad histórica e incompleta (solo llega hasta que Ender entra en el escuadrón Salamandra) que descansaba en los datos perdidos de alguna limpieza del ordenador.


It's war in space the way it's really fought
silent, flameless. When a ship is hit,
there's a brief flash of light and debris
sprays in all directions, but that's all.

Earth's ships are blocky, a ragtag thrown-
together jerry-built fleet that was assembled
in a panic after the brutal first encounter.
The aliens did not try to communicate one
of their ships showed up and started scouring
the surface of the Earth. When it was
finally brought down, the aliens were found
to be about a meter in height, bodies antlike
in structure, but covered in fur to retain
body heat. The scientists called them
"Formicines," the military calls them
"Formics," and everybody else calls them
"Woolly Ants" or "Ants" or "Woollies" or any
number of other names in other languages.
They all mean the same thing: The ones who
want to kill us; the ones we have to kill.

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